my studio 002

My studio is where I unwind and paint. It was a shed where the prior owners of our house stored tools and pool supplies. I modified it to be my studio, fully functional to get the job done. I have doctored it up with air conditioning, shelving, storage, and a sound system. I enjoy going out there to zone out and de-stress. It is small, but efficient. I’m still painting with the same 35 year old sign painter brushes. Although I update my collections as they tire out. Below is the first painting of my flower series I entered in a juried show in July of 2011. The show was at the Fine Arts Department at the Houston Community College. It was installed outside the gallery and was the first art piece seen as people came to the show. When the show closed, the university asked to keep the piece on permanent display.

Since this show (July 2011) I have sold a total of 89 of my flower paintings

painting install at hcc campus 004

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